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USD (Net Asset Value) As of Oct 03, 2023


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NCIE Thesis Exposure

HASH tracks the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe (NCIE), offering diversified exposure to crypto assets.

Hashdex co-developed the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe (NCIE) to provide global investors with a dynamic benchmark for crypto assets. The ETP adheres to strict operational and governance protocols to track the NCIE, providing investors with regulated access to the most liquid and dynamic assets in the crypto ecosystem. Access the documentation to consult the regulation and the risk factors of the product.
ETP objectives

Seeks to track the performance, less fees and expenses, of the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe.

Investment Policy

The Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP is a fully physically backed Exchange Traded Product (ETP). The objective of this product is to offer investors a simple, secure, and cost-efficient way to gain exposure to the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe and is fully backed by its underlying crypto assets that are highlighted in the basket.

Target Audience

The Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Deutsche Börse Xetra, Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam and is available to institutional and retail clients.


Name Weight (%) Price Last 24h (%) Market Cap
Bitcoin - BTC BTC 63,23 $ 27,309.747
- 0,42
$ 532,601,831,396.583
Ethereum - ETH ETH 28,13 $ 1,638.424
- 1,43
$ 113,051,269,800,000
XRP - XRP XRP 3,48 $ 0.527
+ 3,05
$ 44,498,910.316
Solana - SOL SOL 1,65 $ 23.115
- 1,42
$ 9,549,201,720.085
Cardano - ADA ADA 1,37 $ 0.255
- 1,53
$ 8,963,816,222.514
Polygon - MATIC MATIC 0,69 $ 0.553
+ 0,55
$ 5,144,651,036.594
Litecoin - LTC LTC 0,67 $ 63.85
- 3,56
$ 4,706,963,615.457
Polkadot - DOT DOT 0,32 $ 4.003
- 2,90
$ 5,129,436,019.83
Uniswap - UNI UNI 0,24 $ 4.267
- 4,67
$ 3,216,171,614.756
Avalanche - AVAX AVAX 0,22 $ 9.224
- 0,83
$ 3,267,481,736.744

As of 10/04/2023

HASH replicates the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe (NCIE).

The index seeks to reflect a diversified exposure to crypto assets demonstrating the strongest price momentum, with safe custody, liquidity and simplicity for portfolios of all sizes.

To be eligible for the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe crypto assets must meet the following criteria:

Tradable on two exchanges

Tradable on two exchanges

Any crypto asset included in the NCIE must have active tradable markets listed on at least two core exchanges (defined by Nasdaq's Index Methodology) since the previous index reconstitution.

Product details

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Index Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe (NCIE)
Ticker NCIE
Provider Nasdaq, Inc.
Rebalancing Frequency Quarterly
Calculating Agent CF Benchmarks Ltd.
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Valor 118415173
Fees 1.49%
ISIN CH1184151731
Reuters HASH
Tickers SIX Swiss Exchange:

Deutsche Börse Xetra: HDX1 GY (EUR)

Euronext Paris: HASH FP (EUR)

Euronext Amsterdam: HASH NA (USD)
AUM USD 11,626,768
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Custody Coinbase and BitGo
Market Maker GHCO
Authorized Participants Flow Traders, Jane Street, GHCO, DRW Holdings, Makor-Enigma
Collateral Agent The Law Debenture Trust Corporation P.L.C.
Administrator Theorem Fund Services
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