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USD (Net Asset Value) As of Sep 21, 2023


NAV per Unit As of Sep 21, 2023


Intraday As of Sep 22, 2023 18:10:59


Total Fee

Payment and Redemption Basket

Trading Code hdexbh
ISIN KYG4404X1043
Closing Nav Date 2023-09-21
Pcf Date 2023-09-22
Shares Per Creation Unit 1
Cash Component Adjustment Per Creation Unit US$44.70
Total Shares Outstanding 81,677.638
Nav Per Share US$3,097.89
Estimated Nav Per Share For Next Date US$3,096.78
Nav Per Creation Unit US$3,096.78
Estimated Cash Component Per Creation Unit US$3,096.78

Portfolio composition for the trading date by payment lot

18 hours (2023-09-22)
Code: BTC
Amount: 0.07858969
Opening Price ($): 26617.7316
Opening Value ($): 2091.8792749472
Share in Basket (%): 67.5
Code: ETH
Amount: 0.5869502
Opening Price ($): 1590.8814
Opening Value ($): 933.7681559063
Share in Basket (%): 30.1
Code: LTC
Amount: 0.35663147
Opening Price ($): 64.7406
Opening Value ($): 23.0885353467
Share in Basket (%): 0.7
Code: LINK
Amount: 2.26241446
Opening Price ($): 6.7583
Opening Value ($): 15.290075645
Share in Basket (%): 0.5
Code: DOT
Amount: 2.6858797
Opening Price ($): 4.0291
Opening Value ($): 10.8216778993
Share in Basket (%): 0.3
Code: XLM
Amount: 94.42222205
Opening Price ($): 0.1138
Opening Value ($): 10.7452488693
Share in Basket (%): 0.3
Code: UNI
Amount: 1.88764578
Opening Price ($): 4.2521
Opening Value ($): 8.0264586211
Share in Basket (%): 0.3
Ethereum Classic
Code: ETC
Amount: 0.33237424
Opening Price ($): 15.275
Opening Value ($): 5.077016516
Share in Basket (%): 0.2
US Dollars
Code: Cash
Amount: -1.9185842
Opening Price ($): 1
Opening Value ($): -1.9185842
Share in Basket (%): -0.1
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