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Payment and Redemption Basket

Trading Code hmetbh
ISIN KYG4405T1105
Closing Nav Date 2024-02-22
Pcf Date 2024-02-23
Shares Per Creation Unit 1
Cash Component Adjustment Per Creation Unit US$15.18
Total Shares Outstanding 1,865.056
Nav Per Share US$335.50
Estimated Nav Per Share For Next Date US$335.28
Nav Per Creation Unit US$335.28
Estimated Cash Component Per Creation Unit US$335.28

Portfolio composition for the trading date by payment lot

17 hours (2024-02-23)
Shiba Inu
Code: SHIB
Amount: 11997021.16551013
Opening Price ($): 0.0000096
Opening Value ($): 115.1714031889
Share in Basket (%): 34.3
Code: ETH
Amount: 0.01964423
Opening Price ($): 2985.68
Opening Value ($): 58.6513846264
Share in Basket (%): 17.5
Code: MANA
Amount: 61.80415932
Opening Price ($): 0.488868
Opening Value ($): 30.2140757584
Share in Basket (%): 9.0
Code: GALA
Amount: 994.85542662
Opening Price ($): 0.0290208
Opening Value ($): 28.8715003649
Share in Basket (%): 8.6
Code: APE
Amount: 15.75862017
Opening Price ($): 1.71037
Opening Value ($): 26.9530711802
Share in Basket (%): 8.0
Code: LINK
Amount: 1.32501021
Opening Price ($): 18.46001
Opening Value ($): 24.4597017267
Share in Basket (%): 7.3
Amount: 23.37355777
Opening Price ($): 0.9757
Opening Value ($): 22.8055803162
Share in Basket (%): 6.8
Code: CHZ
Amount: 181.74239587
Opening Price ($): 0.1306083
Opening Value ($): 23.7370653625
Share in Basket (%): 7.1
The Graph
Code: GRT
Amount: 18.60188258
Opening Price ($): 0.2836
Opening Value ($): 5.2754938997
Share in Basket (%): 1.6
US Dollars
Code: Cash
Amount: -0.86283214
Opening Price ($): 1
Opening Value ($): -0.86283214
Share in Basket (%): -0.3
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