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Bitcoin ETF (DEFI) Investment Case


Investment objective

The Hashdex Bitcoin ETF is sponsored by Tidal Financial Group and provides access to the world’s first decentralized digital currency through a costeffective and regulated exchange-traded fund. The fund invests directly in bitcoin and trades under the ticker “DEFI.”


Access to the world’s largest cryptocurrency

DEFI provides investors the opportunity to capitalize on bitcoin's growth potential and the prospect of a decentralized future, without the complexities of self custody or the costs of directly trading the cryptocurrency. We believe bitcoin’s distinct combination of immutability, network security, and scarcity is disrupting modern-day finance and will increase global access to financial services.


Why the Hashdex Bitcoin ETF?

Access. DEFI is supported by a team that lives and breathes bitcoin. Since 2018, education has been the core of our mission, and we take great pride in giving 200,000+ investors access to our experts best thinking. 

Experience. Hashdex has lived through every type of bitcoin market cycle, maintaining a singular focus on disciplined long-term investing, operational excellence, and providing educational resources aimed at empowering investors to gain exposure to bitcoin. 

Conviction. In 2021, Hashdex launched what has become the largest bitcoin ETF in Latin America and in 2022 offered a first-of-its-kind bitcoin futures ETF3 to US investors. DEFI is an extension of our conviction in bitcoin and commitment to give investors access to this opportunit.

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