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Morgan Stanley report highlights Hashdex’s leading role as a global asset manager


Last week, Morgan Stanley published a research report on the growth of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs)[1]. The report noted that there are now more than 180 crypto ETPs and trust products globally and predicted the number of these products will continue to grow. 

Morgan Stanley’s research team also noted that the current crypto winter “hasn’t deterred asset managers and financial companies from launching ways for their clients to get access to digital assets.'' 

In addition to the report supporting our belief that crypto investment products will continue to become a more permanent fixture in investment portfolios, it also highlighted Hashdex as a top crypto ETP provider, a list that included crypto-native firms as well as traditional asset managers like Fidelity, Invesco, and VanEck. The report showed that Hashdex is the 12th largest crypto ETP provider in the world, with the fifth-most product offerings available to global investors. 

Morgan Stanley also highlighted that the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF (HASH11), which trades on Brazil’s B3 exchange, has seen the third-most inflows for crypto ETPs in 2022[2].


Despite bear market conditions, this year has been an important one for the development of crypto investment products. In the first half of 2022, Hashdex led our peers in raising assets for multi-asset crypto ETPs and we remain optimistic that this demand will persist even as the environment for risk assets remains challenging. 

Morgan Stanley’s report is both a sign of the ongoing institutional interest in crypto and a recognition of the growing demand from investors regulated crypto investment products. We’re proud of the trust investors across the globe have placed in us, and remain committed to providing innovative investors simple and secure access to the rapidly developing crypto ecosystem.  

[1] Morgan Stanley Research, “The growing list of new crypto ETFs and ETPs,” October 6, 2022.

[2] Source: Morgan Stanley Research, Flows Data as of August 2022, AUM data as of September 2022.



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