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Dec 2022

FTX earthquake rattles crypto markets

by Hashdex Research
5 min read



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FTX earthquake rattles crypto markets

While most risk assets had positive performance during November, crypto assets were shaken by the fallout from the FTX disaster.

Dec 2022

5 min read

Rays of light for crypto as inflation clouds linger

October was a peculiar month. While US inflation has been the main driver of asset prices this year, core indicators released during the month didn’t lead to negative results for risk assets like equities and crypto.

Nov 2022

5 min read

Crypto avoids the deep end as risk assets flounder

The Merge is now behind us, and in September a second decoupling took place: Ethereum from other crypto assets.

Oct 2022

5 min read

Economic fears weigh on risk assets once again

July and the first weeks of August provided a welcomed interlude from risk asset headwinds.

Sep 2022

3 min read

Relief after the storm

July was a welcomed respite from the headwinds risky assets have faced throughout the year...

Aug 2022

3 min read

The three “waves” that explain the NCI’s worst month

June 2022 will not soon be forgotten...

Jul 2022

5 min read

Why investors shouldn’t fear crypto’s correlation to traditional markets

In crypto’s early days, the fledgling asset class was almost entirely uncorrelated to traditional markets. This has changed

Jun 2022

7 min read

The Merge is coming: What it means for Ethereum investors

May 2022

8 min read

Smart contracts and the future of human collaboration

Apr 2022

16 min read

Hackers’ arrests highlight the importance of crypto asset custody

Mar 2022

The Role of Decentralization in Web3

Feb 2022

Crypto Outlook for 2022

Jan 2022


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