CF Web 3.0 Smart Contract Platforms Index

CF Web3 Index was developed by CF Benchmarks Ltd in partnership with
Hashdex to represent the main smart contract platforms.
As of 12 Jun 2024

CF Web3 Index

Market Cap Weighted

Recalculated Quarterly

With strict eligibility criteria, the CF Smart Contract Platforms Index seeks to reflect the performance of the Smart Contracts Platforms sector on blockchain, giving exposure to all the main segments of the value chain of this ecosystem.

Web3 is considered the internet of the future: a global network where users have complete control over their online accounts, data and money. This new internet and its applications, like the websites and apps we use on a daily basis, are built on top of the framework of smart contract platforms.

Smart contract platforms are like the generators of this virtual “machine”: they feed the system with trust, ensuring that users are always interacting according to the rules. As this ecosystem gains adoption, platforms are more in demand and, as a result, the respective cryptoassets tend to increase in value.

The CF Web 3.0 Smart Contracts Platforms Index (“CF Web3 Index”) was developed and is managed by CF Benchmarks Ltd.


NameWeight (%)PriceLast 24h (%)Market Cap
Ethereum - ETHETH23,14$ 3,492.619
- 4,63
$ 419,649,080,071.986
Solana - SOLSOL22,51$ 148.201
- 6,70
$ 68,313,228,626.018
Cardano - ADAADA14,96$ 0.421
- 4,01
$ 15,043,711,134.763
NEAR Protocol - NEARNEAR5,54$ 6.018
- 6,57
$ 6,625,153,422.885
Avalanche - AVAXAVAX5,37$ 31.344
- 2,54
$ 12,326,609,781.195
Polygon - MATICMATIC5,33$ 0.616
- 4,87
$ 6,092,881,405.076
Arbitrum - ARBARB3,73$ 0.933
- 3,71
$ 2,701,596,788.068
Polkadot - DOTDOT2,45$ 6.354
- 1,84
$ 8,733,585,079.132
Internet Computer - ICPICP2,19$ 10.094
- 9,29
$ 4,689,569,851.784
Sui - SUISUI2,06$ 0.999
- 4,98
$ 2,424,809,501.575
Optimism - OPOP2,00$ 2.059
- 6,90
$ 2,237,987,950.564
Hedera Hashgraph - HBARHBAR1,95$ 0.087
- 3,90
$ 3,100,807,720.038
Ethereum Classic - ETCETC1,61$ 25.599
- 4,47
$ 3,774,979,433.9
Injective Protocol - INJINJ1,58$ 25.962
- 11,27
$ 2,496,303,996.131
Celestia - TIATIA1,00$ 8.568
- 6,33
$ 1,729,793,233.377
Algorand - ALGOALGO0,92$ 0.159
- 6,02
$ 1,303,064,242.529
Sei Network - SEISEI0,91$ 0.461
- 6,20
$ 1,348,609,275
Immutable X - IMXIMX0,79$ 1.851
- 7,85
$ 2,743,191,374.487
Fantom - FTMFTM0,72$ 0.635
- 7,48
$ 1,780,330,549.64
Cosmos - ATOMATOM0,51$ 7.545
- 4,27
$ 2,949,564,094.082
Aptos - APTAPT0,42$ 7.948
- 5,73
$ 3,484,249,535.214
EOS - EOSEOS0,30$ 0.678
- 4,60
$ 764,773,804.735

As of 06/11/2024

cfspmcub replicates the CF Web 3.0 Smart Contract Platforms Index (CFSPMCUB).

The index seeks to reflect the global movement of the cryptocurrency market, offering diversified exposure, with safe custody, liquidity and simplicity for portfolios of all sizes.

To be eligible for the CF Smart Contract Platforms Index crypto assets must meet the following criteria:

  • Tradable on two exchanges

    Tradable on two exchanges

    Any crypto asset included in the NCI must have active tradable markets listed on at least two exchanges since the previous index reconstitution.
  • Supported by two custodians

    Supported by two custodians

    Digital assets exist within the codebase of an underlying software protocol. Accordingly, digital assets require special services to hold them in storage. Eligible Digital Assets must have a secure institutional custody solution by a licensed and reputable service provider. This type of service is essential to facilitate the implementation of the Index by investment funds, which hardly have the technical expertise to safely self-custody digital assets.
  • Minimum market representation

    Minimum market representation

    To be considered for entry to the Index at any index reconstitution, an asset must have a median daily trading volume in the USD pair conducted across all Core Exchanges that is no less than 0.5% of the cryptocurrency asset that has the highest median daily trading volume.
  • Free-floating pricing

    Free-floating pricing

    The Index excludes digital assets that are pegged to the value of other assets, through fiat or crypto collateralization, algorithmic strategy, or any other means.

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