Historically, the low correlation between the returns of crypto assets and those of other asset classes has provided a high diversification potential. This allows investors to build portfolios with crypto assets benefiting from their return potential without significantly increasing the risk.

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Understand the impact of investing in crypto assets on the return and risk of portfolios with traditional assets.

The information in this technical material is based on simulations and relates to theoretical portfolios developed from publicly available market indices. The simulations in this material do not provide any information about real investment products or products that aim to emulate real investment products. The profitability of real investment products, even if they seek to track the indices used in this material, may vary substantially due to potential differences between real and theoretical portfolios. The theoretical portfolio presented in this material, for example, does not include management fees and taxes in the calculation of its simulated profitability. The information presented in this material is purely illustrative and is not sufficient for making any investment decisions, so we recommend consulting authorized and specialized advisors for this purpose.
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