Vinter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Index

The index was developed by Invierno AB ('Vinter')
to provide exposure to the momentum factor, while limiting the risk.
As of 20 Jul 2024

Vinter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Crypto Index

Market Cap Weighted

Rebalancing frequency Monthly

With strict eligibility criteria, the Vinter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Crypto Index (VHASHMOM) combines the momentum factor and equal-risk weighting into one portfolio.

This methodology clearly determines what constitutes an active market for the purposes of each index, and establishes the priority given to different types of input data. The methodology considers factors like the size and liquidity of the market, the transparency of trading, the positions of market participants, market concentration, and the adequacy of any sample to represent the market or economic reality that the benchmark is intended to measure.


NameWeight (%)PriceLast 24h (%)Market Cap
Tron - TRXTRX35,62$ 0.137
Bitcoin - BTCBTC10,17$ 68’208.04
+ 1,71
$ 1’345’640’806’698.881
Ethereum - ETHETH9,77$ 3’543.797
+ 1,02
$ 426’064’718’035.858
Ripple - XRPXRP9,75$ 0.597
+ 0,68
$ 33’350’005’937.841
Uniswap - UNIUNI6,01$ 8.11
+ 1,72
$ 6’113’349’176.037
Chainlink - LINKLINK5,53$ 14.747
+ 3,76
$ 8’967’711’074.223
Solana - SOLSOL5,04$ 183.025
+ 5,80
$ 84’987’112’647.354
Bitcoin Cash - BCHBCH3,98$ 402.35
Cardano - ADAADA3,89$ 0.446
+ 2,47
$ 16’003’398’614.072
NEAR Protocol - NEARNEAR3,79$ 6.415
- 4,12
$ 6’677’721’911.637
Polkadot - DOTDOT3,37$ 6.454
+ 1,89
$ 8’972’649’437.533
Avalanche - AVAXAVAX3,09$ 32.53
+ 12,23
$ 12’841’458’747.748

As of 07/22/2024

VHASHMOM replicates the Vinter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Index (VHASHMOM).

The index seeks to reflect the global movement of the cryptocurrency market, offering diversified exposure, with safe custody, liquidity and simplicity for portfolios of all sizes.

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